Frequently Asked Questions
No experience? No problem! This camp is designed specifically for you. You'll not only gain some valuable skills, you'll have a great time in the process.
We only ask that you read them. Our sets are equipped with teleprompters, which enable you to read your lines during rehearsal instead of memorizing them or in case you forget one.
You will be starring in a crime drama involving a leading technology company. On set, you will need to look like a business executive or a working detective. We suggest two casual business attire outfits for shoots, along with a slightly more upscale outfit for your photo shoot and a comfortable outfit for your individual press interview.
Just get yourself to the hotel and leave the rest to us.
Like any Hollywood TV set, meals are professionally catered. You can expect a variety of choices, with something to suit everyone's taste.
You will be working alongside some actors in today's TV world, as well as meeting other industry professionals who will be visiting the set or joining us as special guests during mealtime.
We welcome friends and significant others. Your traveling companion can join you each day to watch rehearsals, accompany you on your photo shoot and interview, or even be on camera as an "extra."
In addition to photos from your professional photo shoot and the magazine cover with your likeness, you will receive a DVD of your performance, along with starring credit. We also offer an optional behind-the-scenes video of your time with us.